Report on Green Economy Opportunities in Denmark for Venetian Entrepreneurs

Your Excellent People of our Serenissima Republic, as your Venetian Ambassador to Denmark I am pleased to send you this first report, hoping to attract interest and investments by Venetian entrepreneurs:

Denmark is amazingly emerging as a new green economy prairie and few know it. This is why it is important to count on a network of contacts like the one VA is already consolidating here. We must find back the Venetian spirit of innovation and immense curiosity that made our ancestors become merchants and explorers of excellent reputation for centuries.

But first of all, a little introduction:

You should know that in Scandinavian countries successful trading is based on already established networks. If you want to succeed you need to be introduced through networks, which usually consist of pools of private companies, local council or governmental agencies, before starting any activity.

There is a sharing type of mentality; in practice through various networks you create and share tasks, knowledge, experience and market, and this is team work. Indeed the same word “competition” is difficult to place given this mental inclination to create business “monopolies”.

I am currently part of several of these networks and, on behalf of VA, I can put them safely at disposal of the Venetian entrepreneurs, given the interest on the new technologies that are already available in Veneto and that surely will find space and life in the Nordic market.

And here are some data that together with my co-workers we believe can be of sure appeal:

1) With regard to the environmental sector and in particular to the waste-recycling sector I can anticipate that in Denmark they still don’t practice separate collection. You could create a partnership with local companies and propose a project to collect, treat and recycle certain types of waste that today are lost (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.)

2) With regard to the health sector and the Infectious Waste Treatment, we believe that this is certainly an interesting activity given the possible solution for the disposal of toxic waste from hospitals, which now must be dealt with in very effective and safe manner by law nearly everywhere in Europe.

Danish Government has planned a 9.8 billion DKK (Danis Crowns) investment, equivalent of $ 1,313,250,000, for the renovation of hospitals starting from Sjellandia Island, the island where Copenhagen lays, and then extending into the remaining Danish territory for the next 5-8 years.

The technology which has already been offered by the most innovative Venetian companies could be installed directly in hospitals or in a great Disposal Centre which could serve several hospital all together.

We have evaluated both solutions and we deem both of them valid. Of course the political aspect of this choice will also be important given the opportunity to enjoy advanced technologies and create new jobs in a period of economic crisis from the perspective of local communities as well as national politics.

For this you can count on networks such as the Association of Danish Industries and its offices or the Area/Territory networks, depending on the type of local organization.

Of course, I would consider exploring the possibility of installations (and so new jobs creation) even in the most deprived areas of Denmark, not just in the well off ones like those next to the Capital.

3) As for electric vehicles, we believe there is good chance in investing in electric scooters coupled with charging power stations.

4) As for renewable energy I do not think there will be great opportunities for photovoltaics, but there could be some for energy saving LED technology, a field where I am aware Venetian entrepreneurs can show a very interesting and comprehensive range of products.

Our proposal is then to create an on-site company that can promote Venetian technologies straight from here and I would advise the creation of a corporation called APS here (which can be started with the modest sum of 1 DKK which would correspond to 0,13€). In addition you would have the possibility to offset for 2 years the money needed to financially optimize the company, for as much as 58,000 DKK, corresponding to about $ 8,000.

That company would enjoy all securities and protections of a capital based company and would have the opportunity to grow into a real corporation without requiring any statutory change.

Very importantly, taxation will never exceed 25%. By Danish Law you even have the opportunity to create within the corporation a financial hub where to convey undistributed profits for the benefit of the central fund and gain some level of independence from banks (so to be protected risk of credit crunch).

Our Danish accountants are already available to Venetian entrepreneurs who can be presented directly by VA. We have consultants in the boards of many leading Scandinavian companies and excellent relations with the Danish Government. Our accountants would be happy to assist Venetian entrepreneurs for their start-ups in Denmark, offering their technical knowledge and their professional network.

They can also find potential Investors who can be Financial Partners of the company they intend to set up.

Place for investments can be Denmark, Norway, Sweden and possibly, given the extension of our contacts, they could reach even Finland.

I think a new structure like this would represent for our entrepreneurs the possibility of having an operational base on site (at a low cost) that can give international visibility to our excellent Venetian enterprises, too often penalized by an inefficient Italian diplomatic representation.

As you know, here institutions work well and laws are systematically applied. Cost of bureaucracy is cheap and most things work electronically with the support of

public authority which have a “friendly” policy towards them, given the social weight they represent.

I hope I have been comprehensive and clear enough in this initial report and I hope

there will be eagerness to invest in the Scandinavian market where innovations and new “Green Technologies” are more than welcome.

May I greet you all sincerely while I remain available for any further information or enquiry you may need to address me for.

VI ses i Danmark!


Stefano Nicoletto, Venetian Ambassador in Denmark

Kopenaghen, December 16th , 2014

Central VA DC.



SENDER: Stefano Nicoletto, Venetian Ambassador to Denmark

LOCATION: Copenhagen

DATE: 16 December 2014

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